Have you ever felt jealous of your significant other’s attention or time? This has been one of the biggest struggles of our marriage. So we are going to open up our hearts and share a little bit of our story–the struggles and the things we’ve learned. I hope they can help you as well! Love, Tiffany Dawn

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I texted several of my girlfriends so I could share THEIR jealousy advice as well…so here it is! 🙂

Friend 1: When I have tried to keep my jealous thoughts to myself, I spiral down a rabbit hole where my imagination creates terrible scenarios. But if I actually express my jealous feelings out loud, then I can actually hear myself saying ridiculous things and I have someone to actually speak reality and truth…which keeps me out of the rabbit hole. For the most part. Lol.

Friend 2: I have felt jealousy in our marriage…mostly of his time. Where I would spend most of my time with him, he needs his space to do what he needs to do to keep himself sane and healthy emotionally/spiritually. Even if I like doing the same things, sometimes I need to step back and let him do them solo. I sometimes would take it personally, like he didn’t want to do things with me, but it was just what he needed.

Friend 3: If anyone checks out my husband, I get jealous, or if he talks about a female at work I automatically see it as a threat. What has helped is talking about it with him, even when it’s hard. Also trusting him and believing him when he tells me he only has eyes for me. On other thing would be looking for validation from God instead of just from my husband.

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https://www.christiandatingmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/hqdefault-4.jpghttps://www.christiandatingmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/hqdefault-4-150x150.jpgcdmadminFeaturedchristian dating advice,christian marriage,christian relationships,dealing with jealousy christian,dealing with jealousy in a relationship,how to stop being jealous in a relationship,how to stop feeling jealous and insecure,how to stop feeling jealous in a relationship,how to stop feeling jealous of another girl,overcome relationship insecurity,relationship insecurity,relationship jealousy,tiffany dawnHave you ever felt jealous of your significant other's attention or time? This has been one of the biggest struggles of our marriage. So we are going to open up our hearts and share a little bit of our story--the struggles and the things we've learned. I hope they...