I wanna just right now show you six
signals or red flags that you have to pay attention to to avoid ending up with
someone who is not comparable to you the first one is when you start dating
without getting over your ex you typically are going to make a wrong
decision anytime you’re going into the relationship with someone and you didn’t
take at least 12 months for separation emotionally and with your heart to
disconnect completely one of the biggest mistakes people make is when
the relationship ended and things didn’t work out they right away look for a band-aid to put a healing on that hurt hurting heart and they go to the next
relationship in reality they’re not looking for love they’re looking for
healing and so the person that you might be dating is actually you’re not dating
them you are their band-aid until they truly recover and when you recover you
usually throw away the band-aid and they’ll dump you the same way they
dumped the other why because they needed you during the healing and you get hurt
you’re like man but I thought they loved me they were hurting and you were so
insecure because you’re nothing going down in your life so you were really
like oh they need me makes me feel good you’re identity is not supposed
to be in the fact you’re needed it but in the fact you’re loved by God com-on
somebody when an instrument stops playing music
the strings do not get disconnected right away
when the relationship ends that does not mean the strings are detached it takes
minimum from 6 to 12 months for your emotions to bounce back
most of wrong relationships I’ve seen and you will witness and if you’ve ever
made a mistake you will find out this rule was broken people break up and two
months later they quickly go into some other relationship instead of taking
time to pause what went wrong to pause and to ponder
so that their heart gets healed so they don’t go into a band-aid but they go
into something that God called them to do number two is when you date someone
who believes in God but they don’t follow Jesus Christ believing in God
is not enough demons believe in God and they’re still going to hell and they not
only believe in God the Bible says they tremble the person you’re dating don’t
even tremble they just believe in God so it’s better to date a demon because
demons at least tremble mm-hmm but you don’t wanna date a demon you want to
date somebody that God has for you are you with me and for that to happen as a
Christian you got to look not only do they believe in God do they
follow Jesus Christ the statistic says that a divorce is sliced in the half for
those people who have these three things in common they go to the same church
together they share the same theology meaning if you believe is speaking in
tongues they believe is speaking in tongues because if they believe in
miracles and the other one doesn’t believe in miracles you’re gonna have
friction and so they have same theology so divorce rate is completely different
for those who go to the same church who believe in the same theologian thirdly
they practice their faith outside of the walls of the church so they’re not just
Catholic on Sunday and alcoholic on Saturday but they’re practicing their
faith and there are many Christians who do the same thing they come on Sunday
Jesus and they do exactly same moves on the club on Friday that’s not that’s
gonna you’re gonna fall into the same statistic as the world because you’re no
different in the world the only difference you just put a spiritual
makeup and a cover on but you’re a fake Christian but when you marry a genuine
believer and you are a genuine as well and these three things are in place your
relationship is not gonna be like the rest of the relationship even in church
because you go under the lordship of Jesus Christ can somebody say Amen how
to avoid ending up with the wrong person the third one is when you ignore your
gut your gut when your God tells you to okay let’s just focus on the number
three then when you expect a marriage to fix the person I already kind of
mentioned that how to avoid ending up with the wrong person is to don’t and
don’t marry someone don’t even date someone that you’re hoping will change
after you get married and guys can be such a liars
I will change I’ll stop dealing drugs just get married
to me listen if they never stop dealing drugs
because of Christ you are not Jesus they’ll never stop doing
anything for you the only reason I’m looking at porn is because I don’t have
intimacy in my life but when we get married I promise porn will be out of
the window the reason why you look at porn is because you’re looking at porn
period although the only reason why I’m still doing this I’m hanging out with my
old friends it’s because I’m no no no no never marry someone who promises to
change after you get married a sidenote marriage don’t change people
marriage reveals people if the person you are with has a messy car they can
only change temporarily so that you will go on the dates with them but when you
marry the car will be more messier than you ever see in your life they will
drive worse than they ever drove in their life because now they got you they
don’t have to they don’t have to pursue you they can relax and be who they are
whom you thought they’ll change are you with me number four when your gut tells
you this is not right when you are in the relationship and you
have no peace about it and your gut says run not after them from them and there’s
one thing about your peace there’s one thing about your heart in your
consciousness you can shut people down you can block people on your phone you
can never go to your parents house because they’re reminding you that
you’re making wrong decisions you can switch churches because you know that
the pastor doesn’t approve that you’re doing what you doing you can do whatever
you can run from everyone you can’t run from yourself and see and God uses your
spirit and your conscience as a communication point the spirit of a man
is a lamp of the Lord means if God wants to get the message across he troubles
you it gives you no peace he creates tension that’s why I tell single people
pay attention to your tension because it’s the way God might protect you it’s
the way that God might guide you in your relationship don’t ignore your
conscience don’t ignore the fact that you don’t have peace about it look but
everything looks right but it feels wrong and the women specially they got
that feeling worked up so good if a woman says that you can expect trouble I
would encourage every woman here follow your intuition
if your intuition is submitted to the Holy Spirit now if your intuition is not
submitted to the Holy Spirit and submit it to the Holy Spirit because if you
follow your gut but your gut doesn’t follow your gut then you will end up in
a rut are you with me the Bible says don’t follow your heart why because our
heart has to be submitted to God we follow God but God uses sometimes are
heart to communicate to us I know Oprah says that you have to
follow your heart my God tells us to follow the Lord and because I’m
following the Lord he’s able to communicate to me by taking away my
peace so that I could pause and ponder and see could it be a different way that
I might go are you with me number five how to avoid ending up with the wrong
person is that when your mentors don’t support you in this now there are
mentors in your life and there are tormentors in your life I’m not talking
about the haters right now I’m talking about the people who love you people who
genuinely care for you and you meet with them or people that you respect people
that are not just gonna be like whoever says they’ll agree with
popular opinion but they’ll tell you the truth even if you don’t like it they’re
not winning your approval they know they already won that and they will give you
the feedback they won’t reject you for that they were
just simply saying no I don’t know I just I just if they see I just it’s the
time to go pray fast this is a time to say blessing you know what God that’s it
because they might be seeing something you don’t they might be seeing something
you will only see six months after you got married and you realize maybe it’s
too late you gotta pay attention the Bible says in a multitude of counselors
there is safety I know some people here you watch too much of Romeo and Juliet
and so we have this thing where in our culture with the more people are against
this the more romantic it is the more sexy it is because we watch so much
Hollywood it’s like everybody’s against their awesome this is what the real love
is let me tell you something about relationships that everyone is against
when everybody starts being fought it is when you lose the love because that love
is not based on each other it’s only based on the fact you are in opposition
to everyone and that’s where that love is I’ve seen relationships where they
died that day everyone stop being against them because to defend
that love is the fact that you had to fight against the world and the moment
you don’t have to fight against the world you begin to fight against each
other a gentleman that was getting married here won’t mention his name and
he when he was a teenager he had few infatuations with some people that his
mentors were not supporting well the Lord wasn’t supporting his mentors were
not supporting he wasn’t even in support of that he just was a little bit
infatuated and but he was obedient to the Lord and he didn’t pursue any of
those relationships they were not good for him and finally a time came he
finished his education and he fell in love and he was pursuing this person and
they were about to get married and I remember he told me something that stuck
with me he said this feels weird and I said how so I was getting cold
feet here so no no no no he said nobody’s against me I was like it’s
because you’re not in high school I was like because you do not you’re not
trying to go against the world he’s like it is this normal then like the pastor
is for it that the parents are for it the circumstances are falling into place
and I said this is the right way and whatever you were doing in high school
was not a right way come on somebody are you with me number
six when there is no mutual attraction it might be a wrong relationship for you
if you’re not mutually attracted to each other attraction is not the most
important but it’s important I know in some cultures attraction doesn’t matter
Isaac married Rebecca I never even seen her never even had a chance to like her
he saw her for the first time he was she was introduced as his wife he’s like
well it is what it is and the Bible says he loved her for most of us we don’t
live in the culture where parents choose marriage for you based on how the
businesses will go you have a chance to choose someone based on your attraction
that you have for them it’s very important that you don’t choose someone
based just on their education based just on their appearance or based on how the
kids will turn out you know how girls do that they’re like they already I feel
fourth dimension is like well our kids will look like this yeah he’s the pig I
don’t like him but we’ll have good kids they’ll make it the kids will make up
for the fact we don’t have no flow here if a lady gets married to a guy and she
knows he has no attraction for her it causes her insecurities to go through
the roof when the guy gets married to a lady and he doesn’t have the attraction
the lust that he already fights with it becomes a lot harder to overcome and so
I challenge people that if you are in a dating relationship and there is no
attraction listen turn it to the friendship and don’t pursue any further
because attraction is very important if you don’t have it now the chances of
that having later sometimes God does miracles but it’s better to leave those
miracles to someone else

https://www.christiandatingmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/hqdefault-18.jpghttps://www.christiandatingmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/hqdefault-18-150x150.jpgcdmadminDatingdating red flags for men,dating red flags for women,dating wrong person,how to know if she / she is wrong for you,hungry generation,messages by pastor vlad,pastor vlad,red flags in a relationship,red flags in relationships,sermon on fire,sermons,sermons by vlad,vlad savchuk,vladimir savchuk,vladimir savchuk lust,vladimir savchuk marriage,vladimir savchuk relationship,vladimir savchuk single ready to mingleI wanna just right now show you six signals or red flags that you have to pay attention to to avoid ending up with someone who is not comparable to you the first one is when you start dating without getting over your ex you typically are going to make a wrong decision...